Run 3

Fun Run 3 game: you enter in a prohibited zone which is full of dangerous holes, if you fall into one of them, you are lost in space. Play it now at Run3page!

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Run 3

Introduce Run 3

Emerging as a phenomenon in the game village, the genre of the non-ending game genre of adventure game that is headed by run 3 has brought a new and exciting game genre to anyone who has ever played. Coming to the space of these games, the game players will not have a rest time but only run, and run to explore many new lands as well as earn themselves valuable treasures.

In Run 3 game, you will play the role of a unique alien character and join him on the journey in very strange areas outside the universe. These are three-dimensional spaces, which can be rotated and reversed so you can move at any location. However, small black holes will appear on the low road. This road is not easy. If you can not pass, you will be dropped out and have to start over. That means you have been removed from the game. You will have to use your ingenuity to be able to overcome the flat road is interconnected through the corners of the 4-dimensional space. This is hard, but I believe you will

This will really make you feel excited. The speed of the aliens will be increasing as you move. Have different ways of moving like jogging, rollerblading, .... This will bring unique features to this new action game. And it will make you want to explore more new lands.

Run 3 has added new characters with more developed personalities. There are ten playable characters, with Runners being the default characters. Other characters can be unlocked by completing certain tasks and all of them can be purchased in Stores with different Power Cell numbers.

How many levels are in run 3?

Run 3 games continue to update higher levels. There are currently more than 20 playable tunnels, and there are currently 309 levels (367 including minigames), and 65 levels will be released in the future. To reach level 65 of run 3 game is not easy at all. The higher the level, the more difficult you will be.

There are 2 game modes: discovery mode and infinite mode.

Discovery mode: Your task is to pass as many levels as possible to unlock characters as well as upgrade the outfit. The level of difficulty in the discovery mode of run 3 game will be increased during the levels.

Infinite mode: Your main task in this mode is to collect money, so complete as many levels as possible. In infinite mode, the levels will be played in random order.

Considered as one of the "brain hack" games worth playing in the run game series, whether Run 3 really makes players have a headache in thinking how to win?

How to play Run 3 game?

The controls for this game are WASD or arrow keys:

SPACE or UP Arrow = Jump
A or Left Arrow = Left
D or Right Arrow = Right

With certain successes that the game is run 3 brings, from which a series of similar games like Sonic Dash, Angry Gran Run also gained many successes as expected from the manufacturer. Let's learn how to play run 3!